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(produced, recorded and mixed by Nick Kacal (Nov 2006)

Hi To Me - from the CD "Three Step Two Step"

Open Hat - from the CD "Three Step Two Step"

(produced, recorded and mixed by Nick Kacal (2000-2001) - started on ADATs, finished on Sonar software)

Blue - from the CD "Here"

Naked Yossarian - from the CD "Here"

The Love Song - from the CD "Here"
From the 2008 One Little Indian CD "Wretched Sinner's Song" - produced &
co-engineered by Nick Kacal. to hear some tracks

Aled Thomas Trio

Chasing Rainbows - from the 2007 CD "We Should Be There By Now"
Band tracked at Air-Edel, vocals tracked (AEA R84) and comped at GSR, produced and mixed by Nick Kacal

Solstice String Quartet
Beethoven Opus 74 1st movement
Live (2008) and then edited - Royer SF1s in Blumlein configuration into Focusrite Red 1 preamp

Sean Hargreaves
Hammersmith Grove - recorded live for a video demo (2001) - very short set-up times and difficult acoustic!

The Perpetual
Wake Up - jingle demo for radio breakfast show - 4hr turnaround! The band was orignated specifically for the pitch... featuring Oliver Burrowes on vocals. (2005)

Kacal Trio
Warm Up (excerpt) - tracked at Signal Creative mixed by Nick Kacal (2005)