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Jazz singer Fiona Egan - co-producing, playing, mixing and mastering the 2013 album "Touch Has A Memory"

The acoustica songwriters Songdog - (Label - One little Indian)
"A Wretched Sinner's Song"
(producing, engineering, playing)
2010 album "A Life Eroding" (producing, engineering, playing, mixing)
2013 Songdog album "Last Orders At Harrry's Bar" (producing, engineering, playing, mixing)

Nu-Metal band Se7en - mixing the 2011 album "Under Eye"

Belgian alt French jazz and tango singer Gabrielle Ducomble - co-producing, playing, engineering and mixing tracks on the 2011 album "J'ai Deux Amores"

Barcelona folk-pop act The Big Head Troubled Boy - producing, mixing, mastering and playing on the 2009 album "Broken" and 2011 album "San Antonio"

Jazz tenor saxophonist Greg Heath - engineering, mixing and mastering and playing on the album Fact & Fiction

Pianist and singer -songwriter Aled Thomas - producing, engineering, playing on and mixing the CD "We Should Be There By Now" in 2007

"Three Step Two Step" CD by Guerillasound - writing, playing, recording and mixing

"Here" CD by Creemer - recording, mixing, producing.

Live classical recordings include multiple shows by the Solstice String Quartet, Kamilla Arku and the Orion Symphony Orchestra
at Cadogan Hall, St Johns Smith Square and St Martind in the Fields

Recordings for London singer-songwriters Joe Wilkes and Jason McNiff

For the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel we currently book and administrate a two nights a week residency in their Palm Court Bar, featuring a frequently changing roster of some of London's finest jazz musicians. See the gigs section for more details.

We have engineered recordings for many London jazz ensembles, acoustic type folk and pop acts and a few classical ensembles.  A few examples are on the downloads page.