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The core of our work is location recording and project producing and managing - this sometimes includes booking musicians, venues, studios and arrangers etc, depending on the project.

We have three rates for location recording:

1. Cheap rate: We take our exceptional selection of unusual  microphones and preamps to your studio location and interface it with your recording system and/or software  It's like hiring in a smorgasbord of microphones all in one go, along with someone who knows how to set them up and get the best from them

2. Medium rate:  We take our mics, preamps, stands, a computer system and ADA converters and engineer the entire recording for you; this rate varies depending on complexity of the actual recording situation - sometimes and assistant will be hired in too.

3. The Full Monte:  We bring mics, pres, recording system and a headphone monitoring and playback system.  There are two of us to run the rig and do the set-up and breakdown. We bring an entire studio to your location.... although we wouldn't do final mixes with this rig - we take it back to base for mixing and overdubs.

Mixing, editing, mastering & overdubbing:

All of this happens at our base in London.  We can mix, edit, master and do overdubs here, usually on a flat fee or hourly rate depending on the specific project.

If you are a gearslut, click here to see our equipment list

For band fixing, arranging and promoting etc. contact us. Every project is different.... so we tailor it to the situation